How to prevent your iPhone from getting damaged?

Nowadays, life is difficult without a cell phone. We simply wouldn’t be able to live without them. In the same way, we don’t go to sleep without checking our phones one last time before bedtime.

Unfortunately, most of us do not care about its well-being. The iPhone is a very expensive device, and if you break it accidentally, you need to spend a lot on repairs or replacement. It is best to buy an iPhone screen protector. Screen protectors prevent the screen from getting damaged, dented, scratched, and marked. The following are a few more things you should do to protect your iPhone.

1. Buy an iPhone screen protector

Everyone who owns a iPhone should plan on buying this. An iPhone screen protector prevents the screen from getting scratched or broken. With a good one, you won’t have to worry about grease and fingerprints on it. If you want to protect the screen of your iPhone from bubbles, you should buy a good quality iPhone screen protector.

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2. Place it in a bag

You should always keep your iPhone in a bag if you’re going to the beach. When playing in the water, do not keep it in your pocket as water can enter the device and ruin it. If you are near water bodies like seas or rivers, you should always remember to do this.

When you go to a swimming pool, you should plan to keep it in a locker if one is available.


3. Use the original charger

If your existing charger doesn’t work, you should always purchase an original charger. Chargers and cables from third-parties should not be used. This is a high risk of damaging your phone.

While traveling abroad, make sure you bring your charger as well. It can be quite costly to buy a new one, which it is one of the most important things to take with you on a trip.

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4. Consider phone insurance

In order to prevent spending a lot of money when your iPhone is damaged, you should purchase insurance. If you do not have coverage, you should also consider purchasing a wholesale iPhone screen protector.

phone insurance

SHAWEASE is a professional tempered glass screen protector manufacturer. We’ve been focused on this field for many years, and we have plenty of experience in R & D, production and sales.

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