Mobile phone toughened glass protective film features

As a toughened glass protective film wholesale China company, SHAWEASE would like to share with you the features of toughened glass protective films.

Touch screen cell phones have become an essential electronic device for everyone in the current digital age, and the protection of touch-screen cell phones has become a hot topic. Is there so much to learn from the small mobile phone toughened glass protective film? The answer is yes. According to the saying “a good horse with a good saddle” and “specialization in the field”, cell phone tempered glass film is one of the best. To protect a mobile phone from being adversely affected by the outside world, the first thing we do when we buy a mobile phone is to film it. How can we choose among the various cell phone tempered glass protective films on the market at present?

toughened glass protective film (2)

Five features of toughened glass protective film:

1. Clearer and more transparent screen

Using our toughened glass protective film to obtain optical transmittance and ultra-low reflection, you can ensure the clarity of the screen, present a three-dimensional feeling and improve the visual effect, and truly achieve high clarity and high transmittance.

tempered glass protective film

2. Super anti scratch and wear resistance

9H glass hardness, ordinary film harder than average 3H hardness, explosion-proof toughened protection by ultra-thin glass toughened white 2-D glass and PU explosion-proof toughened glass protective film, all translate to super wear-resisting to the phone’s screen, as soon as our laboratory tests prove that under normal use the main wear protective film will not scratch, can ensure more than 3 years.

glass protective film

3. Improved anti-fingerprint coating

Toughened film surface polymer after special anti-fingerprint processing inhibits fingerprinting better than ordinary protective film. With current technology, it is impossible to provide 100% fingerprint protection, but the use of toughened glass protective films can maximize the effect.

protective film

4. Easy to use

The product is light and thin, beautiful and practical, and has dual explosion protection and protection functions. Anyone can stick it with the touch of their mobile phone, and it is convenient to fit with the touch of the phone.

screen toughened glass protective film

5. Enhanced touch sensitivity

Tempered films minimize astringency, which is associated with ordinary mobile phone protective films. Our touch sense is smoother, mobile phone operation is more fluent, and mobile phone response is more sensitive.

screen protective film(2)

That is all for the sharing, thanks for reading, and we offer all kinds of toughened glass protective film for sale, if you have any requests for our products, feel free to contact us.

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