How to tell the difference between tempered glass and standard glass?

Amidst the popularity of the Korean dystopian drama, Squid Game, sweeping through nearly every corner of the internet, the penultimate Step Glass round featured in episode 7 has prompted some interest in Google searches related to ‘tempered glass’. So,in today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at both regular glass and tempered glass. What is the difference?


Standard glass

Standard glass and tempered glass differ in how they’re made. Standard glass is made using an annealing process that forces the glass to cool very quickly. Standard glass is also popular because it’s easy to customize. Cutting, shaping, polishing edges and drilling holes are some customizations that can be made without breaking or shattering regular glass. The downside of the faster annealing process is that the glass becomes much more fragile. Standard glass breaks into large, irregularly shaped shards.


tempered glass

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass and is known for its safety. And unlike regular glass, tempered glass shatters into small, relatively harmless pieces. This is possible because during the tempering process, the glass cools slowly which makes it much more durable & scratch resistant than non-treated glass. When broken, tempered glass not only breaks apart in smaller pieces but also cracks evenly throughout the entire sheet to further prevent injury. As a result, tempered glass is used in those environments where human safety is concerned, such as car side and rear windows, entry doors, shower and tub enclosures, electronic devices, patio furniture, microwave ovens and skylights.


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