Balmuda Phone: A compact smartphone with a price tag comparable to the iPhone 13

In today’s competitive market where strong yet compact smartphones are practically absent, the Japanese Balmuda phone is well placed to carve out a permanent niche for itself. An ultra-compact smartphone by today’s standards with a 4.9-inch display, it sports an unorthodox design and somewhat advanced features roughly equal to Google Pixel 4a 5G.


BALMUDA Phone features a 4.9 inch screen size, but the display area is not so tiny as to be alarming. Because BALMUDA chose a 16:9 aspect ratio and does not come in a long body like most other phone models out there today. And because the front panel is almost entirely filled with the screen.The fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back instead. But the position will be incised almost to the left of the screen, so it may look a bit weird. Both the rear camera and front camera pack a resolution of 48MP and 5MP, respectively. They are also water- and dust-proof to IP44 standards, with minimal splash protection.


BALMUDA Phone has a Snapdragon 765 5G chip coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM. It packs a 2500mAh battery that supports USB-PD 3.0 fast charging technology, including wireless charging. But actually, BALMUDA doesn’t do much in this area. It adheres to the brand’s design philosophy of prioritizing design for a better user experience for clients. It places emphasis on this too. Electronic parts are often flat, so making a smartphone that looks as convex as it does isn’t an easy task. This is one of the reasons the BALMUDA phone is so expensive.


In Japan on November 17, the company began accepting pre-orders for the new product. Sales are scheduled to begin on November 26. The suggested retail price of the Balmuda phone, unlocked and with carrier restrictions, is $920.

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