How to fix a cracked screen protector at home?

While learning about how to fix a cracked screen protector at home, it’s necessary to note that there is no permanent way to fix it. If your screen protector cracks, chances are you’re concerned about getting scratches on your fingers or even worse, having your display obscured by the cracked screen protector.As the screen protector is placed directly over the screen, a broken screen protector is just as annoying as a broken screen. Before we look at how to fix a cracked screen protector, let us mention that there is no permanent solution for this issue.

Many of us know that some screen protectors are made of glass, and that’s why some are called tempered glass. We will show you a DIY method you can use at home to prevent the screen protector from cracking further, as well as to prevent small pieces of glass from sliding around. As far as cracked tempered glass is concerned, this method will also work. However, when it comes to those massive cracks giving the screen protector a spiderweb look, go for the 2nd option.

Why you should not continue to use a cracked screen protector?

Before we explore how to fix a cracked screen protector, you may want to keep in mind that using a broken screen protector cannot deliver the best experience for your phone. Your fingers might be injured by broken glass pieces while you’re on your phone. Furthermore, water and sand can seep through cracked screen protectors, which means your phone is now more vulnerable to the very things the protector is supposed to protect it from. In addition, it could compromise internal components.


1st solution: Repair with nail polish

In addition to protecting your nails, nail polish can do so much more. It can also protect your screen and screen protector. If you don’t have any nail polish on hand, you can buy one at the store or borrow one from your siblings. Just make sure the nail polish you use is colorless. Here’s how to fix a cracked screen protector with nail polish.

  • Step 1: Wipe the screen with a clean piece of cloth to remove all dirt.
  • Step 2:  Carefully apply the nail polish along the crack and let it dry for a minute. The cracks will be filled.
  • Step 3: Scrape off any excess polish from the screen using a folded piece of paper or the blunt edge of a razor. Here, all you’re trying to do is get the screen protector to look smooth again.
  • Step 4: Reapply the nail polish along the crack and leave it for another minute. Remove the excess nail polish once more.

2th solution: Replace the screen protector

The screen protector was originally intended to protect the screen. Obviously! By protecting the screen from the same types of impacts that could have caused a cracked screen, it has clearly done its job. Instead of worrying about how to fix cracked screen protector, opt for a new one. In addition, no matter how good the repair is, it won’t be as effective as a new screen protector.

If you have an already cracked screen protector, replacing it is actually a good idea. Rather than trying to manage it any further, it’s actually best to get one replaced to ensure that your phone will be more resistant to impacts when it drops again. Fortunately, a screen protector or tempered glass cost far less than a new phone screen, so swapping out the damaged protector could very well be considered an investment.

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