Premium screen protective film to protect your car navigation system

Automakers now sell cars equipped with these in-car navigation systems. Higher-end brands are even beginning to offer cars with multiple in-dash navigation systems pre-installed. Additionally, portable GPS units are growing in popularity.

Is this an okay thing? Both yes and no, we think. Yes, since navigational aids make exploring uncharted territory easier and faster. But also no: Any GPS device that is distorted by harsh glare from the sun is effectively useless. Further, a navigation screen washed out by sun glare can be highly dangerous. A motorist can have their eyes diverted from the road for only a fraction of a second in order to read his unreadable screen, resulting in a fatal crash.

Texting or reading on a phone while driving has been proved time and again by drivers. With the proliferation of in-car navigation devices, it’s only a matter of time before a deadly accident occurs as a result of a screen that’s been rendered illegible by the sun.

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What is the solution to this problem?

Here’s where we come in: We offer a variety of screen protection products to cover all kinds of consumer electronics. We have seen increased demand for anti-reflective screen protective films for both in-dash and handheld GPS units recently, which tells us that modern drivers take their personal safety quite seriously. That’s certainly a good thing.

This high-quality, ultra-durable anti-reflective screen protective film is the most durable anti-reflective and anti-glare film available on the market today for car navigation systems. Along with significantly reducing sun glare, this anti-reflective film also prevents scratches and fingerprints on your navigation system.

anti-reflective screen protective film

An interesting fact about car warranties is that some warranties and lease agreements don’t cover damage to a vehicle’s navigation system display. Additionally, a replacement display can cost up to $2,000 to repair. Therefore, SHAWEASE premium tempered glass screen protective film are an absolute must-have accessory: Not only do they protect you from potential harm, but they also protect your car’s highly valuable display screen. Installation is quite simple as well. You can also take them off and put them back in place if you ever want to remove your screen protector — for instance, to clean it.

Read more about SHAWEASE’s screen protective film.

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