Tablet Tempered Glass Screen Protector & Custom LCD Display Screen Protector

As one of the most professional universal Tablet Tempered Glass Screen Protector manufacturers from China, SHAWEASE has the best tablet tempered glass screen protector for sale.

Including the iPad Air 12.9-inch screen tempered glass protector, 11-inch iPad screen tempered glass protector, 10.5-inch iPad screen tempered glass protector, 8-inch tablet screen tempered glass protector and 9-inch tablet tempered glass screen protector.

SHAWEASE also produce other screen protector according to customers’ need, such as Mobile POS screen protector, IPC Industrial Computer screen protector, KIOSK screen protector.

For more custom sizes and information please contact SHAWEASE or leave us a message on our website.

Specification of iPad Series Tempered Glass Screen Protector

ModelApple iPad 2.5D Transparent Tempered Glass Screen Protector
MaterialGlassCSG high aluminosilicate glass
AB gluePET laminated film 0.05mm
Substrate 0.05mm
PET release film 0.05mm
Fingerprint oilPlasma Coating
PC BackboardNone
Typical PropertiesThickness0.18MM/0.25MM/0.33MM/Custom Thickness
Precise holeNone
Tempering4 Hours
Test ItemsTest Method&Result
Performance TestFitting testInner arc anastomosis <0.06
Good air displacement, strong adsorption, no air bubbles
Non-scratching edges, not affect the protective case
No gaps, good visual effect, no white edges on the view window
Touch sensitivity testSmooth Touch Responsiveness
Anti-static testThis specification sample does not have anti-static function
Transmittance testTransmittance rate91%
Toughness testCan be bent 90° and U-shaped, not easy to break the edge
Ball Drop TestDrop ball test: 64G steel ball, 60CM impact center point three times, not broken
Water drop angle testWater drop angle ≥ 115 °; with 2 * 2 0000 # 1KG friction 3000 times after the water drop angle in more than 95 °
Hardness testUse Mitsubishi pencil 9H, 500g weight, 3 lines on the surface, no scratches

The features of SHAWEASE Apple iPad Screen Protector

9H Tempered Glass:

We offer 9H tempered glass screen protectors for all type of tablets. 9H hardness, protect your tablet from scratches, daily wear, and drops. The glass is specially processed and is specially toughened for scratch resistance.  Suitable for restaurant POS system.

ipad screen protector(1)
Apple tablet screen protector(1)

Anti-Fingerprint And Sensitive Touching:

SHAWEASE’s anti-fingerprint technology makes it easy for users to not only enjoy a clean and clear screen environment but also a sensitive touch experience when playing games with the Apple iPad screen protector. There are no gaps between the LCD and tempered glass screen protector when installed, meaning that the touchscreen’s sensitivity is not affected.

High Transmittance:

With SHAWEASE high-transmittance tablet screen protector, you can enjoy high transparency. Keeping your device’s original HD display is easy with our screen protector, which is designed for full touchscreen compatibility and optimized for maximum light transmission. ≥91% transparency ensures a high resolution display and no change in viewing angles.

iPad tempered glass screen protector
iPad tempered glass screen protective film(1)

Go Further Than 2.5D Round Edge:

A special polishing is crafted to edge of the glass to give a more smooth touch feeling, go further than 2.5d round edge.

Custom KIOSK & IPC & POS screen protector

Custom KIOSK & IPC & POS screen protector

SHAWEASE as a professional manufacturer of tempered glass screen protectors, not only produces ordinary tempered films for tablets, but also offers a wide range of customized screen protectors for electronic screens, such as Industrial Monitor screen protector, Mobile POS screen protector, Kitchen Display System screen protector,  KIOSK touch screen protector. We can meet any of your needs.

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