Custom Realme 9i screen protector for wholesale

Realme 9i Price In India

On January 18, 2022 (Official), RealMe launched the Realme 9i smartphone in India.

Realme 9i comes in two models. Its base model with 4GB RAM and 6GB storage is priced at Rs 13,999.  While the higher-end model with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage comes in at Rs 15,999. As for the color options, the Realme 9i smartphone comes in Prism Black and Prism White.

Realme 9i Price In India

Custom realme 9i screen protector for wholesale

SHAWEASE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality tempered glass screen protectors in China, boasting high-grade materials, advanced machinery, skilled workers, and years of experience in the field of screen protector manufacture. We have been providing professional OEM services to produce all kinds of tempered glass screen protectors for private label brands, distributors, and retailers for years. We specialize in producing custom Realme 9i screen protectors, such as 2.5d round edge tempered glass, ultra-clear tempered glass, full glue tempered glass, 3d curved tempered glass, privacy tempered glass, matte tempered glass, anti-blue light tempered glass.

Custom realme 9i screen protector for wholesale

SHAWEASE Custom Privacy Glass Screen Protector for Realme 9i

Custom-size privacy and protection to fit almost any screen. SHAWEASE offers custom-size solutions for privacy and protection on Realme 9i. SHAWEASE privacy and protection screen protectors are custom-cut to work simply and are suitable for most smartphones. They can protect screens from everyday scratches and keep the information displayed private.

The Realme 9i privacy-focused screen protectors help you keep your information private while protecting the screen. You can keep your personal information private with this Realme 9i Privacy Screen Protector, and only those directly in front of the screen can see the screen. With LG privacy technology, it is easy to install and remove. This is why our privacy products work so well and become so popular.

Custom Privacy Glass Screen Protector for Realme 9i

Custom Anti-glare (Matte) glass screen protector for Realme 9i

SHAWEASE custom-size Realme 9i Anti-Glare screen protector improves screen sharpness and visibility with Anti-Glare Solutions.

Do not let bright light or reflections get in the way of your screen. Amazing optical technology from SHAWEASE mirror-like reflections to help keep what’s on your screen clear and visible.

The Realme 9i Anti-Glare screen protector diffuses bright light and reduces glare.  It also protects against dust and scratches. The matte surface is easy to clean and hides fingerprints.

Custom Anti-glare (Matte) glass screen protector for Realme 9i

Custom-size Realme 9i Anti-blue light glass screen protector

SHAWEASE also offers custom Realme 9i screen protectors with anti-blue light Solutions.

Realme 9i Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector is specially designed to eliminate the radiation part of visible light, which has higher sensitivity in the retina of the human eye. Custom Realme 9i Anti-blue light screen protector not only protects your eyesight but also prevents spectral degradation when viewing digital devices for prolonged periods. Our Anti-blue light tempered glass screen guards are made with the highest precision and toughness. They come with features like Anti-reflection, Anti-scratch, Anti-smudge to meet a wide range of consumer needs.

Custom-size Realme 9i Anti-blue light glass screen protector

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