How Do You Determine The Quality Of A Mobile Phone Screen Protector?

The Mobile Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protector has been on the market for quite some time, but many people are still in awe about how to determine the quality of the Mobile Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protector. So below, we’ll explain some easy and useful methods that can help you accurately identify the quality of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. In this article, SHAWEASE will show you how to determine the quality of the Mobile Phone Screen Protector.

1. Anti-Scratch Feature

Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Unlike plastic screens, tempered glass protectors are far less likely to scratch than regular plastic screens, which can be up to five times thicker than regular ones. A good quality tempered glass screen protector will stand up to sharp objects like knives, scissors, keys and other hard objects, in addition to the usual scratching. A good grade of tempered glass sheet is tough to pull off with visible scratch marks on it at the top. It scratches the glass sheet, which isn’t supposed to be very smooth, but at least smoother than having cut holes in the screen.


2. The Smoothness

Fingers can feel movements on the screen. Good tempered glass screen protectors are more subtle and smooth than most of the original touchscreen mobile phones. The smoothness and clarity of tempered glass make the screen protector look more like your actual gadget’s screen surface than would a plastic screen cover. Conversely, low-quality scratch guards come with nearly rough glass sheaths. For fake tempered glass screen protectors, touch sensing is lacking.


3. The size of the fit

A good glass screen protector should have fairly fine cuts; one could just hold the film on to the phone, measure its thickness and get the perfect coverage, especially around certain holes (photosensitive hole), where it has more reflectivity and applies without any bubbles. In cases of cheap tempered glass, one can see the phone’s screen is asymmetrical, with gaps, holes or most certainly too big because of the strict technical specifications on the open hole.


4. Anti-fingerprint & Anti-oil

Some people really hate having fingerprints on their phone screen. Not to mention oil and water drip from the phone’s screen, dripping water won’t spread over in good quality tempered glass. Very hard to use touch screens and type something into the glass surface with a good quality tempered glass screen protector.


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