How to choose the best screen protector for Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is arguably the company’s best watch to date. It boasts a host of improvements over the Series 6, including a larger screen and refined design. The smartwatch also comes with thinner bezels and has a WR50 water resistance rating. Additionally, it’s the first Apple Watch to sport IP6X dust protection. Despite the larger screen and more advanced features, the Apple Watch Series 7 can last all day on a single charge.

So, the best Apple Watch screen protector is certainly worth it to keep your beloved smartwatch from getting damaged. However, with a market saturated with many similar products, it can be hard knowing which one to buy.


It’s also important to consider if you have an apple watch in stainless steel. Finding the best Apple Watch screen protector comes down to many other factors as well, starting with ‘do I actually need one in the first place?’ Most likely, no, given that its sapphire crystal glass is both durable and scratch resistant. However, it wasn’t necessarily the case for aluminum Apple Watch models, as the ones we tried on often picked up plenty of little scratches and dings. This can be bothersome for some people, and also impacts the resale value.

When thinking ahead to the Apple Watch 7 when it launches soon, keep in mind that it needs a different screen protector than other Apple watches. This is because it has more screen space with a choice of either 41mm or 45mm, so current screen protectors aren’t going to cut it as well.


For most warranties, scratches don’t count as ‘ordinary wear and tear’ while bumps are. If you really damage your screen and have AppleCare, Apple will replace the screen up to two times for $69/£49/AU$99 each time. The out-of-warranty fees are much higher, starting at just shy of $200/£200/AU$300 with some fees running over $800 or more depending on your watch model.

Even if you do have AppleCare, it’s best not to have to pay for it. After all, shielding your watch from damage is cheaper than fixing it after damage has occurred. Even the most expensive Apple Watch screen protector here is a fraction of the price of an Apple Watch screen repair. So, you’re better off adding some extra protection in the form of a screen protector.


SHAWEASE manufactures all types of Apple Watch 7 tempered glass screen protector. Whether you are looking for a hidden, but protective screen film or a rugged, barrier-free complete case, SHAWEASE can offer you the best options to keep your expensive smartwatch nice and secure.

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