Introduction of matte tempered glass screen protector 

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, from children to seniors, nearly everyone has a smartphone in their hands. The screen on a smartphone is big and there’s a higher risk of the screen breaking when dropped on the ground, therefore many people choose to use a screen protector to prevent the screen from breaking. Many types of mobile phone screen protectors exist, such as blue-light screen protector, HD screen protector, privacy screen protector and so on. Some folks have gone ahead and coated their smartphones in a matte screen protector. This article is about to introduce the matte screen protector.


What is matte tempered glass screen protector?

The matte tempered glass screen protector is one of the most common types of functional screen protector. It features a matte finish on the surface, with a unique feel, providing the user with an entirely new operating experience. The fingerprint protection is achieved by applying a layer of matte particles to the surface of the screen protector. The larger the matte particles, the more apparent the fingerprint protection is, otherwise, the lower the protection. Sadly, however, the matte particle layer often reduces the clarity of the screen protector. The larger the matte particle, the higher the blurriness. On the contrary, the particle is small. The clarity becomes higher, but the development of the protective film process at any time can greatly reduce the ambiguity of the matte particle layer through the production process.


The benefits of matte tempered glass screen protector

The high-definition screen protector features a smooth surface and a comfortable feel to hold in the hands, but fingerprints are easily left on it, and it’s tough to clean up once it’s gotten stained. Unlike High Definition Screen Protector. The biggest feature of matte tempered glass screen protector is that it has a matte texture on the surface. Its big advantage is that it has excellent anti-fingerprinting capability, won’t leave marks on the screen and is also scratch resistant. While this does have a small impact on the display effect, its unique feel may provide users with an entirely new user experience.


Wholesale matte tempered glass manufacturer

SHAWEASE is a leading wholesale matte tempered glass manufacturer and supplier for mobile phone accessories. We produce all kinds of models, especially clear matte tempered glass screen protector. OEM, ODM service with high quality are all available. With years of experience, Shawease is qualified to provide you with excellent service and high quality matte tempered glass, as well as fast delivery. If you’re interested in our product, feel free to place your order with us at any time!


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