Features of 3D screen protector

Buyers throughout the world are now looking to purchase 3D tempered glass screen protector and the China wholesale market is fulfilling this demand from buyers. When we talk about 3D tempered glass screen protector, we are actually referring to a wider-angle type of glass. A 3D  screen protector generally refers to a greater curved area of the glass (full-screen), such as Samsung’s Galaxy series. It includes not only the glass surface but also the assembly and electronic display panel, which is essentially different when compared to a 2.5D glass screen. And the premium 3D screen protector offers enhanced touch sensitivities and improved smudge-proof clarity.


1. The 3D  Screen Protector utilizes a technology called hot-bent glass material+silicone screen printing+AB adhesive. With this technology, 3D Screen Protector is heated to a malleable melting point and then pressurized into a symmetrical shape. Through this process, the glass is bent in multiple directions simultaneously, giving it its curvature that fits on different phones like Samsung, Xiaomi etc.


2. It uses special composite materials to isolate damage from ultraviolet and infrared rays from the projection film, and has high acid- and alkali-proof protection and high antioxidant effect. All parts are bonded together, making the tempered glass screen protector perfectly fit and absorb with the mobile phone. It also ensures full touch sensitivities, just like the flat phone. The projection film will not fade in long-term use and outdoor exposure. If there’s any dirt on the surface, it can be easily cleaned by gently wiping with a lint cloth. Holographic image film can keep image quality and surface intact at temperatures from -10°C to 70°C.


3. Premium 3D Screen Protector is made from high-grade high-impact polycarbonate and uses triple-layer, hot melt adhesive. The process of 3D Screen Protector with Explosion Proof Film + Double Sided Adhesive relies on just 4 sides of Double Sided Adhesive to adhere the glass material onto the mobile phone. 3D  Screen Protector is isolated from mobile phone and touch sensitive, especially in hot bend position. Any slight stickiness will result in un-touchable. With a design close to body height, no need to worry about wear and tear on our beloved camera and you can take pictures anywhere anytime, anyplace. Besides, it has a metal frame design, eliminating any inconvenient pressing issue, and precise pressing ensures stable operation. Some manufactures use 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LCD Screen, which can effectively protect the screen from scratches and improve protection of the screen. There are many manufactures that introduce Color Tempered Glass Screen Protector, making the tempered glass screen protector more distinct. Customers can print their favorite images onto the tempered glass screen protector as per requirements. The unique absorption layer provides the best screen protection. Due to frequent mobile phone explosions, tempered glass membranes also entered the room and became a hot seller, so there is no reason to worry that our beloved phones will be hurt from falls and wear. Even in busy places, you can take it out for safe use.


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