Screen Protector Installation Frame – The easy way to a perfect screen protector

Still looking for “screen protector installation service near me”? Still troubled by the mobile phone screen protector that was improperly applied? How many times have you bought a screen protector, only to find yourself stumped by the installation process? Here, you will discover a quick and easy screen protector installation frame that only takes a few seconds to fit your mobile phone’s screen perfectly. This means you won’t need to find a screen protector installation service near you, and there won’t be any bubbles or dust when installing the screen protector.

Patented easy installation frame

Installing a screen protector correctly is difficult, and most people can’t do it. This is why we developed our patented easy installation frame that makes installation easy for everyone. Our patented screen protector installation frame ensures that it fits perfectly every time and ensures that the installation is foolproof. The one-of-a-kind easy installation frame allows you to easily align and properly fix your phone.


Easy installation

Even those who have never installed a screen protector before can get perfect alignment with our screen protector installation tool on their first try. And the installation process of the mobile phone screen protector installation tool is very simple: just one press, one slide, one tear, and the phone screen protector fits perfectly on the screen. The whole process only takes a few seconds, which saves you a lot of time.


Dust proof

Dust and dirt are annoying. Our patented screen protector installation kit will ensure that your mobile phone’s screen fits perfectly with the screen protector without gaps, thereby preventing dust, dirt and other particles from being trapped between your phone and our screen protector! After application, your device will be fully protected from all dirt and other forms of unsightly damage, such as cracks and scratches.


No bubbles

Our patented screen protector installation kit makes applying our screen protectors simple and hassle-free with no bubbles between them. With this screen protector installation kit, you will be able to apply your screen protector securely and bubble-free every time. Choose our screen protector installation kit as an excellent option for you if you’re concerned about bubbles under your screen protector.



Our high quality tempered glass screen protector installation frame has a harder surface. Even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch it. Premium tempered glass with 9H hardness is highly resistant to scratches and impacts, it provides excellent protection from scratches and drops, offering protection from daily wear and tear. In addition, our screen protector installation frame can fully cover the screen of your phone, providing a full edge-to-edge coverage of your device screen.



Fingerprints on your phone’s screen are not only distracting but can also be annoying when you try to navigate your phone. Screen protector installation tool with anti-fingerprint technology ensures that your display will be clean and smudge-free. The oil and dirt resistant coating means that you’ll enjoy a clear view of your device every time you pick it up. With an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating, using your device will be easier than ever before!


High transparency

SHAWEASE high transmittance screen protector installation kit will offer you high level of transparency. You can keep your device’s original HD display by using our screen protector, designed for full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity and optimized for maximum light transmittance. The 99% highest transparency assures you high resolution display and no change in viewing angle.


Screen protector installation video

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