How to build a better relationship with the mobile glass manufacturer

It’s definitely a good idea to source mobile glass manufacturer from China. There is no doubt that you will find a large number of mobile glass manufacturers on the Chinese wholesale market or on platforms. Some mobile glass manufacturers and factories are clearly of extremely high quality and value, so extra precautions are necessary so as not to lose them. Nevertheless, if you become their best customer then you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality tempered glass phone guard. Respect and admiration will come from both sides and it will help both sides in the future.

Share your business goals

When you’re sure you’re dealing with a reputable mobile screen protector manufacturer, you’ll have to put in some extra effort to ensure you’re using them effectively. Share your long term goals with the mobile screen protector manufacturer, and give them confidence in your business goals. As long as you make a sincere effort to improve your relationship with your supplier, you will be in a far better position than your competitors. Take a look at their culture, and make sure you keep them informed about your company goals.


Appoint an agent in China

Initially, languages can be a barrier. As a result, you’ll want to pick someone you can trust or who has a good reputation for dealing with the Chinese mobile glass manufacturer in an honest way. Beware of agents or inspectors who only give you the truth. You can count on this person to take care of all the responsibilities, starting with inspection to delivery of your tempered glass phone guard, while keeping a positive relationship going for you with your mobile glass manufacturer.

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Pay Visit to Your Supplier

This is important for maintaining a cordial business relationship. Either meet with your mobile screen guard manufacturer in the factory or, at minimum, meet them at the Canton Fair. Keep in mind that physical presence leaves an everlasting impression on relationships. If you have already worked with a mobile screen guard manufacturer for a year, try to visit China every two years. Make sure the visit to the mobile screen guard manufacturer does not coincide with the production process of your order. You can learn a lot about the manufacturing process and exchange ideas on your next order and how you would like it customized. Establish a new order and wire the money; this will definitely cement your business relationship.


Accept the invitation to dinner

There will be certain perks, obviously, if you’re a good buyer to your Chinese mobile screen guard manufacturer owner who’s providing you with tempered glass phone guards. After all of that talk, factory tour and other formalities have been completed, the mobile screen guard manufacturer owner will most likely invite you to dinner with him or his entire family. Don’t turn down his offer just because you think that language may be a huge barrier, but you can always overcome it with some time and sincere heartfelt sincerity. If the owner gets impressed with your presence and conversation, then you can get some extra advantage on future orders. Let’s say – You want to build a special type of phone guard, you want to make your own brand, you want a custom packaging so it looks better from the start. All this will be possible and you will get it in time as the owner of the mobile glass manufacturer honors your friendship and good relationship with you.


Explain the reason of your rejection

It is always better to explain the reason you are rejecting the order. No mobile screen protector manufacturer owner wants no business or rejection of their product as the final outcome. Yet, too, you have a reputation to maintain and don’t want to damage your relationship with your supplier. Under these circumstances, it is always better to provide rationales as to why you’re rejecting the shipment. Reasonable reasoning will always help make things simpler for both you and your supplier. Sometimes, you have to select the mobile glass manufacturer from an overwhelming number of options. But before you choose, you should send a message to all potential suppliers for a more personalized experience. That way, if you do not get what you want from your first choice, you will have a line of communication open with another supplier. Ultimately, you’ll have a better relationship with a mobile glass manufacturer that knows you better.

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If you’re a vendor of tempered glass phone guards, it’s really important to have a good working relationship with your Chinese mobile screen protector suppliers. There are obviously cultural and geographic differences apart from the language barriers. We make and supply tempered glass phone guard in China and we know how difficult it can be for our buyers at times to handle various challenges. This article is our attempt to provide guidance for any buyer or newcomer looking to establish a long-term business relationship with their tempered glass phone guard suppliers. We export to buyers from all over the world and we know how important it is to build and maintain healthy business relationships with them. If you want to know more about us, please write to us with all your questions and inquiries. We will surely get back to you with proper answers as soon as we can. Until then, happy reading.


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